About Us

About Us

Established in 2000, Choo Choo Homes Inc. is a family run business that prides itself on delivering state-of-the-art manufactured and modular housing. Our homes and services are different than the ones you’ll find anywhere in Fayetteville because we value our customers more than anything else.  Our goal is to serve you to the best of our ability and that means providing you with customized modular homes, manufactured home, and land package deals.

When you hire Choo Choo Homes as your mobile housing firm, you are getting guaranteed results. We offer new and used affordable housing units without the added stress and policies that accompany the real-estate market. We can do this because we are an independent company.  Our mobile houses are ideal for a family in search of a no fuss, inexpensive home investment.

Affordable Housing in Fayetteville

Our team is transparent in all dealings and transactions, we would never compromise the quality of our work or ethics for an extra few dollars. This is why we have worked so hard to build up a steady clientele and have expanded exponentially over the years. Our team has consciously chosen to remain an independent company so that you can get the most for your dollar. This allows you to buy your home without the added costs of corporate and middleman fees. We guarantee honest, reliable and satisfactory results every time.

Since we sell, deliver and set up all of our homes, you will be getting the most for your dollar.  We even help you out with selecting, finding, and purchasing or renting land. Choo Choo Homes works with several banks and will price match, so that you will always get the lowest price on the market. Banks we affiliate with include:

  • B of A
  • Fargo 21st Mortgage
  • And More

Our Services

Being a family run business, allows us to relate easier to our clients. We know how expensive and tough moving into a new house can be, let alone finding and custom designing one. We charge absolutely no money for a loan application, the process is 100% free with our company.  Our dedicated team will work tirelessly to provide you with a home you can be proud of. We want the process to be as easy as possible. Looking for a life of adventure, or need to move around a lot for your job? Manufactures and modular homes have quickly becoming one of easiest most financially accommodating ways to live. Jump on the bandwagon or in this case, the mobile home and enjoy a life free of excessive property taxes, never-ending mortgage payments, high priced landscaping rates, property upkeep fees, school taxes and more.


Choo Choo Housing offers Fayetteville custom built, new and used manufactured home accommodations. Our company works in conjunction with the national housing construction guidelines, codes and U.S safety standard regulations. We create safe, sturdy and functional mobile housing so that you can live a life free of residential restrictions.

For more information and inquiries, please give us a call today, one of our helpful team members will be happy to discuss the details with you; either over the phone or in person!

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