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Choo Choo Housing has one main goal in mind and that is to serve the Sanford community to the best of our abilities. We do this by providing you with beautifully finished mobile housing that accommodates your every need.

Our personable and one of a kind approach ensures that your newly purchased mobile home is customized to your specific requests in terms of: appearance, size, function and price. Our little family run business has earned a great reputation over the years. Although we’ve expanded and developed over time, we have stayed true to our humble roots and made it a priority to remain loyal to our clients. Our team is dedicated, efficient and leading industry experts for a reason. We believe that customer satisfaction is crucial and non-negotiable when it comes to business transactions. If you’re searching the market for affordable housing, a mobile modular home is an ideal option and a great investment!

Mobile Homes are All the Trend

With the sweeping advancements in technology, mobile homes and ‘trailer parks’ are not what they were. In fact, in the past few years alone, the housing market has experienced a surprising trend: a rise in minimalism. This sudden onset of downsizing and reducing clutter has caused a surge in the tiny house market and a resurgence in mobile home real estate. Instead of purchasing massive properties and big houses, a lot of buyers have decided to simplify their lives and ease costs by minimizing their space and cutting back on possessions. The saying ‘less is more’ has become a social movement and Americans are happier for it. So get with the times and go mobile!

Cut Costs and Save Money with Choo Choo Housing

Did you know that a smaller space doesn’t mean your Sanford living quarters have to be cramped, dank or depressing? Choo Choo Housing manufactures lofty specialty mobile houses. The options vary and some even come with built in state-of-the-art appliances, hand-crafted storage units and other custom built household necessities.

If you’re a business owner or in the process of creating a start-up trade, a mobile housing unit would serve as a great office or work space. The amount of advantages that accompany going small are endless, especially when it comes to saving money. You’ll be able to indulge in better quality materials, goods and furniture too, because the space won’t need much filling!

The Benefits of Mobile Housing in Sanford 

Here are just a few reasons why mobile housing might be a smart move.

  • Financial Benefits: the cost of a mobile home in comparison to a traditional house are drastic. Modular housing is much cheaper, you save on mortgage payments, energy bills, water and more.
  • Environmentally Friendly: It is cheaper to equip a mobile home with solar paneling than it is a three-story house. Choo Choo Housing mobile homes can easily be retrofitted with LED lighting, solar panels and other environmentally sound equipment.
  • Reduces Debt: Downsizing to smaller accommodations will lessen debt. Your bills will cost less and you can re-sell and profit from items and furniture that take up too much space.

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